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About the company

          Ladies and gentlemen! Our company operates under the brand name of “Casa del Tabaco” (Premier Dialog SRL), and is an importer and distributor of products from the most famous manufacturers of premium tobacco products and smoking accessories from around the world. “Casa del Tabaco” has been present in the Moldovan market since 25 December 2005, and during this time managed to win the title of leader in the Moldovan market for goods and services related to premium tobacco products. Today we are one of the largest and most unique companies in Moldova. Our field of activity is focused on deliveries to retail chains, HoReCa and shops specializing in the trade of luxury tobacco products and accessories. The range of products we supply includes over 3,000 items.

          “Casa del Tabaco” is the official sub-distributor in the Moldovan market of HABANOS S.A. – the producer of the best Cuban cigars in the world. In the “Casa del Tabaco” chain of stores, you can buy original Cuban cigars delivered directly from the manufacturer, which is confirmed by the status of our stores: “Habanos Specialist”. 
In addition to Habanos Cuban cigars, you can also find Cuban cigarillos manufactured by PROMOTORA DE CIGARROS SL under license from HABANOS S.A. 
If you prefer Italian TOSCANELLO cigars, you can also purchase them from us, because “Casa del Tabaco” is the official distributor of these wonderful cigars in the Republic of Moldova.
To lovers of flavored cigarillos, we can offer products from world leaders, such as “Candlelight” cigarillos manufactured by Joh. Wilh. Von Eicken, as well as “Corsar of the Queen” and “Aroma de Habana” cigarillos produced by the oldest Russian tobacco factory – Pogar Cigarette and Cigar Factory (founded in 1915). We also recommend MARVEL cigarillos, which are new products from the Lviv Tobacco Factory.

          “Casa del Tabaco” is the official and exclusive distributor in the Republic of Moldova of the leaders in the global hookah tobacco market: Adalya (Turkey), Afzal (India), AL FAKHER (UAE), Darkside and Dailyhookah (D-Tobacco company, Russian Federation), Fumari (USA), Must Have (Pogar Cigarette and Cigar Factory, Russian Federation), Nakhla (Egypt), Serbetli (Turkey), Social Smoke (USA), Tanjiers (USA), ZOMO (Paraguay).
Our company is the only regional distributor of major hookah manufacturers, such as Alpha Hookah (Russia), Maklaud (Russia), DarkSide (Russia), AL FAKHER (UAE), Mitsuba (China). In addition to the above-mentioned hookahs, here you can find hookahs by Amy Deluxe (Germany), MYA (Lebanon), Karma, as well as high-quality hookah bowls by Gusto Bowls, Solaris, OBLAKO (ОБЛАКО), VOSKURIMSYA (ВОСКУРИМСЯ), and many other types of accessories from the best brands in the industry. We carry out direct deliveries of hookahs, components and accessories for them, the highest quality hookah coal from Indonesia from the top manufacturers: Darkside, QOCO TURBO, PANDA, SHEECOOL, TOM COCO, TOM COCOCHA, ZOCOMO, AMY Gold

          In addition to wholesale, today we also have a chain of retail stores, which operates under the brand name of “Casa del Tabaco” and sells luxury tobacco products and various smoking accessories. We are pleased to offer you the largest selection of luxury tobacco products, namely cigarillos made in Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua, pipes and pipe tobacco, Bali Shag rolling tobacco from one of the world’s top manufacturers – Scandinavian Tobacco Group, as well as the best quality sheets, filters, pre-rolled cones and rolling machines from the world leader OCB.
In addition, we have the largest selection of all kinds of accessories. Cohiba, Volenx and Raching humidors, cigar ashtrays, guillotines and scissors, cigar storage containers and cigar carrying cases, pipes from Italian manufacturers Brebbia and Lorenzo, as well as the widest range of pipe tobacco – all this can be found in our stores.

          We are the only company in Moldova to provide you with the largest selection of authentic PORSCHE DESIGN and TONINO LAMBORGHINI lighters.
Do you need hookah accessories and spare parts? In the “Casa del Tabaco” chain of stores you can find them all, in a great variety.

          In addition, we actively collaborate with HoReCa customers and retail chains throughout the Republic of Moldova. To familiarize our customers with the full range of our products, we have designed and launched the Internet portal, where you can always find a complete list of the goods we offer and view their prices.
All the products we offer are always available in our warehouse and will be delivered to you in a timely manner, without intermediaries, at the best prices. Only with us you have access to the entire range of luxury tobacco products presented on the market of the Republic of Moldova.
Our company provides free trade equipment made specifically for the interior of your store and taking into account all your requirements. Our specialists will help you to compile a list of goods suitable for your commercial object, taking into account the location, size and specifics.
We offer you the opportunity to equip your sales area with small display racks, in which you will place our products delivered to you under the most favorable terms.

          We are always happy to cater to the needs of our wholesale customers! If you have a cafe or a restaurant where you offer customers a hookah or cigars, we will be happy to offer you special conditions for beneficial cooperation, the provision of the service proper, the selection and training of personnel, and the provision of the necessary equipment for storage and marketing of products.

          OUR STYLE is continuous development, continuous improvement and continuous progress.