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Delivery and payment


1.1.    The list and characteristics of the goods published on the site can be changed and adapted at any time, at the discretion of the Company.
1.2.    The information (photos, text information, audio/video information) about the goods that the Company delivers from the store has only an informative character, is intended for reference purposes only and shall not represent an offer for the purchase of goods. The images of the tobacco products packaging are provided by the manufacturer for information purposes, and the packaging of tobacco products purchased by the User directly in the Store contains all necessary information, according to the requirements of current legislation of the Republic of Moldova, including information on health risks of smoking.
1.3.    Goods delivery is made in Chisinau municipality, except for the suburban localities in the municipality.
1.4.    Delivery schedule: Monday - Sunday from 09-00 to 18-00, excluding official holidays. 
1.5.    Goods delivery shall be made on the next working day after the day when the order was accepted and confirmed by the User, with the exception of express delivery service, the time of which does not exceed 120 minutes from the moment of order confirmation.
1.6.    Before placing an order with goods delivery from the Store, the User must log into his/her account with the e-mail address used during registration and password to access the account.
1.7.    To order goods delivery, you need to take the following steps:

     •    When you press the “Order” button, the selected product will be added to your shopping cart. The cart is updated as the products are added to it. The following details are specified in the cart menu: list and price of products added, number of units ordered. The fact of adding products to the cart does not create any delivery obligations for the Company. By accessing the “Confirmation” menu, the User registration of the order on the site. After order registration, the Company representative will contact the User by phone to confirm the order and to communicate the date and time of delivery, as well as other necessary information.
1.8.    Replacement, cancellation of products in the order and order cancellation can be performed by the site User at any time, but before clicking the “Checkout” button.
1.9.    In case of delivery problems due to objective reasons (lack of goods in the store warehouse, vehicle breakdown, etc.), the Company reserves the right to inform the Site User as soon as possible of a change in delivery time or cancellation of the order. The Company shall under no circumstances be liable for any damages.
1.10.    The Company may cancel the User's Order after prior notice to the Buyer, without subsequent obligations of one party to the other party or without any party claiming damages in the following cases:
     ◦    incomplete or incorrect data (wrong address, phone number, etc.) provided by the User on the site;
     ◦    exceeding the deadline for accepting orders, if it is impossible to contact the Customer and he/she was not found at the delivery address;
     ◦    the person receiving the goods does not reach the age of 18, a fact that must be confirmed by the Recipient (the representative) by presenting an identity document, in accordance with Article 25 of Law no. 278/2007 on tobacco control.
1.11.    In all the situations described above, the User shall be notified by e-mail or phone.
1.12.    After the order is placed by the User, a representative of the Company shall contact him/her to confirm the time and address of goods delivery.
1.13.    Upon receipt of the goods, the User must ensure that the delivered products meet his/her expectations regarding quality and quantity.
1.14.    The user has the right to refuse to accept the goods in the following cases:
     ◦    the product packaging is seriously damaged;
     ◦    the goods were delivered to a wrong address;
     ◦    the product has manufacturing defects;
     ◦    the product does not match the contents specified when placing the order;
     ◦    the product has quality defects.
1.15.     Product replacement is only possible if the product is in stock.


Cost of delivery services

1.16.    The prices of the products indicated on the site are informative. Prices are applicable when the customer confirms the order. If the price of the product or some of its features have been displayed incorrectly on the site, the Company reserves the right to cancel the delivery of this product and to notify the User, as soon as possible, of this situation.
1.17.    Cost of delivery services:
     ◦    when purchasing goods in the store worth up to 500 (five hundred) MDL, the cost of delivery is 50 (fifty) MDL including VAT;
     ◦    when purchasing goods in the store worth 500 (five hundred) MDL or more, the cost of delivery is included in the price of the goods.
1.18.    Cost of express delivery services:
     ◦    when purchasing goods in the store worth up to 200 (two hundred) MDL, the cost of delivery is 80 (eighty) MDL including VAT;
     ◦    when purchasing goods in the store worth 200 (two hundred) MDL or more, the cost of delivery is 65 (sixtyfive) MDL including VAT.
1.19.    Payment for the goods purchased by you in the Store, as well as delivery services, is made in cash, at the cash desk of the Store. Payment for goods purchased by legal entities, as well as delivery services, is made by bank transfer or in cash, at the Company’s cash desk.